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Our mission is to develop movement efficiency and transform every body through functional training and education.


  • customized workouts based on ongoing assessment 
  • thoughtful intention in selection of workouts  

  • personal modification for each individual

  • results driven training to optimize human movement


Metrics Fitness Lab AuburIke Stephens Personal Trainer
As a young person, I had an intense struggle with weight and body image. It's no wonder that these issues fueled my desire to concentrate on nutrition and fitness. It was exciting to find the answers to my personal challenges and it turned into the drive behind starting Metrics Fitness Lab. I wanted to share the successes I had learned with others.  So Metrics was born as a personal training studio that truly focuses on educating, and encouraging clients in their journey toward movement efficiency. So often, the fitness industry fails our community by creating more injuries on the road to fitness, than benefitting with improvements to the human structure.  Overall, there has to be a shift in perspective, where we prioritize the enhancement of a person's movement, rather than being hyper focused on aesthetics. I am committed to helping clients achieve the results you want, but not at the cost of sacrificing functional movement.
Here's the good news: optimal human movement is possible when you recognize where you are in the cumulative injury cycle and then actively and intentionally work on functional training and recovery. It was the pursuit of knowledge in human biomechanics that led me to the training philosophy of Functional Patterns, and it has revolutionized what I see as true fitness results. My goal for my clients is now possible; to help correct muscle imbalances that allow YOU to move more freely and ultimately, live YOUR very best life! Let me help you get started with a detailed fitness evaluation. 

Human Biomechanics Specialist: Functional Patterns; Corrective Exercise Specialist; & NASM Personal Training Certifications


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 Auburn University Student

Majoring in Exercise Science 

Marketing Manager

B.A. Communication

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Auburn University Student

Majoring in Exercise Science

I’m an artist, but I don’t draw. I paint colorful and elaborate landscapes with words and  sculpt strategies that evoke emotional responses so that we have a meaningful connection. I guess it was inevitable that I got my degree in communication. 


You might have guessed, I’m new to fitness. I didn’t grow up in a household that was focused on healthy movement. So a couple of years ago when I was severely struggling with my mobility and weight gain, Metrics felt like an answer to my prayers. No one is more surprised than me about my journey from client to Marketing Manager at a personal training studio, but here I am. It’s a dream to share the incredible work we do in the Lab because I know first hand about its power and benefit, Metrics has saved my life!


The secret’s out, I’m the face behind Metrics' social media and creator of all the in-studio challenges. Drop me a line if there is any content you want to see and join me for your first session! If I can do it, you can definitely do it, and we make it easy with an introductory offer of 5 sessions for $50.


Do you think you have what it takes to make a

meaningful difference in the lives of our clients?

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